Why Choose P.C. Solutions

Computers are the most used piece of equipment in the house, yet receive the least bit of attention. Computers are complex machines, and most take them for granted. The wear and tear of use causes computers to malfunction, or degrade performance levels. Consider your computer technician as a partner in keeping this valuable machine at an optimal level. Consult with your technician prior to his arrival about fixing and maintaining your machine in its best working order.

Pick Your Service Based On Quality
Price should not be the determining factor when choosing a computer service provider. Your computer is just as important to you, as maintaining a good reputation is to us. We believe that Value derives from the quality of work, the customer service, and an honest price. At P.C. Solutions, we are committed to the highest quality of work available.

a. We avoid compensating for being cheap because of quantity. We aim to be personable.
b. We are a responsible company. We avoid making excuses and deal with our clients honestly.
c. We only employ experienced computer professionals .

All IT Services Are Not Made The Same
We operate to prove to you that we are the best IT service around. Here in this rural setting P.C. Solutions has the opportunity our unique knowledge-base and talent to meet a wide range of computer/system needs. Our trained professionals are formally educated, industry trained and experienced. To us, it’s not just opening a computer and poking around. Our workmanship ensures all functional components of your machine are working together at an optimal level. We’re happy to provide you with any of the following information upon request:

a. What type of training and experience our technicians have.
b. How much time we will spend with our clients to educate them on the problem with their computer.
c. Certifications.
d. Testimonials and Referrals.
e. Any other questions tailored to your needs.

Maintaining a strong client base is important to us. We enjoy developing strong working relationships with our clients and cater to their needs. We reward loyalty and respect with superior service. Our work reflects our clients commitment to our service- as does any IT Service Provider.

You’re Worth Our Time
It is our policy to allow enough time in our scheduling to properly serve our clients. Mistakes happen when service appointments are rushed. In order to ensure a quality visit that corrects any problems, provide your technician with a detailed description of what the problem is. This will help the technician upon arrival to solve your computer needs in a timely manner, and avoid repeat visits.

We Guarantee Our Services
With no risk to our clients, we guarantee our work 100%.

Privacy & Professionalism
Knowing the jargon is not what it’s all about. Building and managing complex systems is a work of art. Our technicians are competent and reliable. With more and more people using their computers for online banking, private communication, credit card payments and other sensitive transactions, you wouldn’t want just anybody working on your computer. Make sure that whomever is servicing your computer systems has a clear ethics policy and will take every precaution to protect your data in a professional manner.

We’re Happy to Provide Examples Of Our Work
We have a long list of satisfied clients and examples. We are happy to give you references.