Remote Backup Services

The Importance of Your Data

PCs, telephones, furniture and entire office buildings can be replaced. Data is one of your more valuable business assets, and is irreplaceable without a backup copy. Most businesses have warranties and insurance on many items around the office, or their home. But, chances are your business data is not properly protected.

Due to the complicated nature of the calculated value of data, most insurance companies strictly limit the amount of coverage for your computer data, files, and records in their policies.

All drives eventually fail, and major data loss occurs. It generally takes 17 days and $17,000 to retype only 20 megabytes of sales data. Most small businesses do not have a backup plan that offers complete data protection, and suffer major losses in the event of catastrophic data loss.

PC Solutions Remote Backup Service can safely store your critical data and files offsite by using an intelligent file selection process, state-of-the-art encryption and compression technologies, and your internet connection.

Changed files will be backed up regularly to ensure a current copy of virtually any data file. Which means the data that your system contains can be restored in the event of data loss.

The system works automatically, on a set schedule (usually at night) when your computer is not in use.

Unauthorized users, including PC Solutions Remote Access Technicians, do not have access to your data. Your data is stored regularly, and safely by you.