Custom Built Computers

P.C. Solutions can build a new, custom computer built just for you. We’ll ask you a few questions, and then provide you with a quote for a new “you” computer.

Highest Quality Components

P.C. Solutions uses only the best quality components on the market. Most ‘big box’ companies use the same processors, but everything else is the cheapest thing they can get manufactures to make. P.C. Solutions only uses genuine Intel Motherboards.

Built For Your Needs

If you need a computer for internet and email use, you wont have to worry about paying for a gaming or video editing computer. We’ll talk to you about your potential uses, and configure a computer based on your needs

No Bloatware

P.C. Solutions will never load your computer with software that you don’t need.

Free On Site Setup

When you purchase a computer from P.C. Solutions, we’ll deliver it, set it up, and check to make sure that your printer, Internet connection, and email account work properly before we leave. Everything You Need P.C. Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure that we have everything you need when you purchase a computer. No more buying a ‘sale’ computer only to realize that it doesn’t come with the software or equipment you expect!

Local Service

P.C. Solutions is just a quick phone call away! No 800 numbers, no automated systems, no hard to understand techs. Just local service technicians, happy to help.