On or Off?

I wanted to address another question that I encounter often: “Should I leave my computer on or turn it off?” Unfortunately, there is no direct answer, so here are a few arguing points from each side.

Always On

So there are a few main arguments to leaving the computer always on.

  1.   Leaving the computer always on consumes too much energy.
  2.  With the computer on, the hard drives spin all the time, causing it to burn out faster.

Shutting Down

And now the cons to shutting the computer down

  1. Shutting down forces the computer to stop operation and resume, which some people think cause excessive wear
  2. It’s so inconvenient to have to wait for it to restart.


What I do and Why

Personally I leave my systems on all the time. I have my anti-virus scans scheduled during the night, as well as automatic windows updates, and other system intensive processes. I also use my computer so frequently that I don’t like to have to wait (I’ve been told I’m very impatient).

If you choose to leave your computer on all the time there are a few things that you really should do:

  1. Utilize a battery backup – This will protect you during a battery backup
  2. Run an updated Internet Security software – Preferably one with a firewall to block unwanted intruders