Policies and Procedures

100% Money Back Guarantee

P.C. Solutions offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. What does this mean to you? If you recieve your computer back from P.C. Solutions and you are not completely satisfied, bring it back and we’ll fix it with no additional labor charges. Still not satisfied? We’ll give you your money back.


P.C. Solutions bills in the amount of $70 dollars per hour. There is a minimum fee of $40 dollars for any appointment or service.

Diagnostic services will be billed at the same hourly rate, but will be credited back if P.C. Solutions performs the repairs.

Service turnaround time

P.C. Solutions strives to repair and return customers computers as fast as possible. It is P.C. Solutions policy to return computers within 3 business days*. P.C. Solutions will discount the total cost of the final invoice by 10 dollars per day over the standard 3 day turn around time.

*Turnaround time does not include order or delivery time

If P.C. Solutions was unable to connect with a client during a scheduled appointment they will leave a calling card (below) with the date, time, and representative that stopped by. Please call the office number on the calling card to reschedule an appointment at the next available opening. It is P.C. Solutions policy to attempt to contact missed appointments by phone, or other means of communication shortly after the original appointment to ensure prompt, and satisfactory service.